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Iluminan el camino y convocan a reunirnos fraternalmente para cultivar en los jóvenes corazones el bello y sagrado espíritu de las Bellas Artes 


"Journey to the Future"

Brave men reaching for the stars, 
A journey beyond imagination 
Taking flight to a distant place
Making a mark to change the world.
 A once unthinkable voyage, 
Now, within man's reach
A journey to the future 
An indisputable leap of mankind.
 Let's celebrate this journey of a lifetime,
And let it be known by generations to come 
We can reach the skies
Soar high and follow our dreams.
 Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Unilwetras Philippines


"Viaje al futuro "
Hombres valientes que alcanzan las estrellas
un viaje más allá de la imaginación
tomando vuelo a un lugar lejano
dejando una huella para cambiar el mundo.
Un viaje una vez impensable,
Ahora, al alcance del hombre.
Un viaje al futuro
un salto indiscutible de la humanidad.
Celebremos este viaje de toda una vida
y que sea conocido por todas las generaciones 
que podemos alcanzar los cielos
¡Volemos alto y y logramos nuestros sueños.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Uniletras Filipinas



Bienvenida a la Paz para nuestro tiempo y el tiempo de nuestros hijos y los hijos de sus hijos  a través del cultivo de las Bellas Artes en los jardines de su mente y sus corazones.  Joseph Berolo Presidente Fundador


Involved in mostly centered on global peace and world environment advocacy as well as themes related to issues involving women and children and cancer awareness.


"Involucrada en  asuntos centrados primordialmente en la Paz Universal y el Medio  Ambiente asi como en temas pertinentes a las mujeres y los niños,  incluyendo  conocimiento del Cáncer  

Love is the Cure


For our ailing world today, love is the only cure 
Compassion for the poor and the weak
Reaching out to those less unfortunate ones
The invisible enemy we are fighting
Knows no race, social status or gender
We are all in this together
Standing together while living apart.
Let love for mankind flow, let it show,
Love is the cure, love that is so pure
Let the new world dawn on us
Set aside fears and doubts
For love binds us all
It is love that will heal the earth.
Love is the only cure, there's no other potion,
For when love abounds in our midst
Any sickness and difficulty will disappear
Let the Light shine down upon us,
Let us bless each other, let there be love
No adversity cannot be trampled on
When love exists, when love persists.

Peace is Possible


We dream of a world enveloped in peace
where people from all walks of life live 
in dire harmony, love, and understanding,
A world where war does not even exist
A place of serenity, noble lives shared.
Peace is possible if we only take action
Let go of selfish ego and have the will to be selfless
Be like a child once more, full of hope and promises
And spread only love for all mankind
Wherever we may roam on earth.
The dove of peace with its immaculate white feathers
Can be seen hovering over the beauteous skies above
The promise of tomorrow, full of wonders and triumph
As we defeat all hindrances to attaining authentic peace
Peace which is longed for by hearts so pure
Awaiting of the dawning of a new frontier.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo


El amor es la cura
Para nuestro mundo enfermo ,el amor es la única cura...
Compasión por los pobres y los débiles
los menos desafortunados
El enemigo invisible contra el que estamos luchando
No conoce raza, estatus social o género,
Estamos todos juntos en esto
 juntos mientras vivimos separados.
Dejemos  que el amor por la humanidad fluya,
que se muestre...
El amor es la cura, el amor que es tan puro.
Dejemos  que el nuevo mundo amanezca sobre nosotros
Dejemos  a un lado miedos y dudas
porque el amor nos une a todos 
el que curará la tierra.
El amor es la única cura, no hay otra poción...
porque cuando el amor abunda entre nosotros
cualquier enfermedad y dificultad desaparecerá.
Dejemos  que la Luz brille sobre nosotros.
Bendigamos a nosotros mismo.
Ninguna adversidad  puede pisotearnos.-
Cuando el amor existe, cuando el amor persiste.
Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo

La paz es posible


Soñamos con un mundo pleno de  paz.
habitado  por seres de  todos los campos de la vida
en completa armonía, amor y comprensión,
un mundo donde la guerra ni siquiera exista
un lugar de serenidad, vidas nobles compartidas.

La paz es posible si solo tomamos medidas.
Dejar  el ego atrás ,  tener  la voluntad de servir
Ser como niños de nuevo,  llenos  de esperanzas 
y difundir solo amor por la humanidad
donde quiera que vaguemos en el mundo.

La paloma de la paz con sus inmaculada blancura
flotando sobre los hermosos cielos azules,
la promesa  llena de maravillas y triunfos,
 derrotados todos los obstáculos, la paz auténtica

Paz que anhelan  los corazones  puros
en espera del amanecer de una nueva frontera.

Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo
Traducción  libre de Joseph Berolo 


 Take Me Back to Genesis

Existence of humankind came to be in the Garden of Eden,
Lush greeneries abound as the Almighty created a bountiful haven
From darkness, He illuminated the Earth with fruit-bearing trees for his special creations,
There was no famine nor lack of natural resources to be able to live a decent life here in this world
The Tree of Life in the middle of Adam and Eve's heaven, the Eternal Source of youth and innocence.
Trees are our friends, the ones who will stood by us during floods and hunger,
Can you see now the devastation of the mountain ranges and of barren forests and jungles?
Oh, won't you take me back to the age of Genesis when there is still Eternal Life and bliss,
Take me back to the time when hugging a tree puts your soul in peaceful serenity
Yes, I wish to get back in time when everywhere I lay my eyes on around me, lovely trees enliven my weary soul.
Take me back to Genesis when all beautiful creations live harmoniously in their natural habitat,
The time when the Earth was not plagued with natural disasters of all sorts
When natural calamities such as strong hurricanes seem not to curse the land and take away lives,
Take me back to Genesis when all is well, there is unity and camaraderie and love dwells in most hearts.
Oftentimes we ask Mother Nature why so much devastation is witnessed in present times,
But do we also question ourselves what did we do to destroy the environment and later suffer the consequences?
At the beginning of time, there were no deadly disasters leaving us homeless and hopeless,
We need to awaken and be responsible for every deed,  be enlightened that Mother Nature are teaching us valuable things
Would you go back to Genesis when every living thing is taken care of and protected in the Garden of Eden?

Eyes without a Face
I suddenly jumped out of a mysterious lingering dream that seems to be haunting
But didn't quite leave me out screaming,
A wandering eye scans the vast space in time reflecting with a weary stare quite saddening.
Through this crystalline mirror I witnessed how the world came to be
How it was created by the invisible hand of our loving Almighty
Out of love He gave life to things that are meant to be magnificent, stunning and carefree,
That's the genesis of it all but look at how terror in this once peaceful paradise now reign
People inflicting each other incessant pain,
What happened to this once beautiful Earth His masterpiece?
Can we ever find harmony and eternal bliss?
These eyes without a face out of the blue started to weep
As slideshows of evil doings of mankind flashed before my very naked eyes,
I suddenly felt pain piercing from a deep part of me
But what can I do alone amidst all these misery?
Mercy for me and my brethren came overflowing this heart of mine
Staring at these teary eyes I begin to question myself
Have I done my fellowmen good?
Although different predicaments were not at times fully understood
Have I fed the hungry, offered shelter to the homeless, listened to a weary lost soul?
And be a friend to someone who feels alone amongst crowds of hypocrite people.
A beaming light then blurred these eyes without a face
As an angel stepped down from a heavenly pedestal lead me to a room
With immaculate white walls and shiny crystal ball at the center of this sanctuary
I was asked to take a peak at what our Earth used to be covered with greeneries,
Clear, blue skies and all are in dire harmony.
No drought, no deadly floods claiming innocent lives at a snap
No bombings, no power struggle for supremacy, everything was so simple then
But as man acquired advanced knowledge and skills
He became self-centered, rude and discontent,
We are our brother's keeper and Mother Earth is our responsibility
Not just a refuge, a shelter but the heaven's gift to mankind.


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Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo es escritora profesional  creativa,  periodista,  poetisa, editora, oradora. Nació el 19 de agosto de 1973, Manila, Filipinas.


Stand for Peace

I dream of a world where only love prevails
Where there is peace shared by one and all
Despite the diversity that separates one from the other
How I long to live in a world where everyone consider each others as friends not foes
Where the word hate would be forgotten
A world in pure harmony where each individual will stand for peace
Where even the birds and the wild can roam freely on the face of the earth
Without fear of being hunted or preyed on for selfish motives
I stand for peace without being ridiculed or discriminated for the color of my skin
To be in a world where there are no wars which divide and destroy nations,
A world where the young generation can have a bright future ahead
A world enveloped with pure peace and serenity.


Traducción libre de Joseph Berolo



Llevadme de vuelta al Génesis

La existencia de la raza humana vino a ser en los jardines del Paraíso-
Entre opulentas arboledas verdes el Todopoderoso creó 
de las sombras la tierra que iluminó con sus creaciones, 
brotaron de los árboles gestores los frutos de la vida
y no hubo hambruna ni faltaron los recursos naturales
para poder vivir dignamente en este mundo. 

El Árbol de la Vida, la Fuente Eterna de la juventud y la inocencia}
fue el corazón del mundo de Adán y Eva.


Los árboles son nuestros amigos, permanecerían erguidos en los diluvios y las penurias 
¡Oh! la devastación de las cadenas montañosas, los bosques y selvas estériles 
Llevadme de vuelta al Génesis cuando todo era Vida Eterna.
Llevadme al tiempo cuando abrazar un árbol daba al alma paz y serenidad-
Deseo regresar al tiempo cuando donde quiera que posara mis ojos,
todo daba vida nueva a mi cansada alma.
Llevadme de nuevo al Génesis cuando todas las creaciones eran bellas,
cuando se vivía  en armonía con el hábitat natural, cuando la tierra no estaba plagada de toda clase de desastres 
cuando los huracanes no eran la maldición del mundo... ni se llevaban tantas vidas. 
Llevadme de nuevo al Génesis cuando imperaba el Bien, la unidad, la camaradería, y el amor se hospedaba en la mayoría de los corazones.

A menudo le preguntamos a la Madre Naturaleza, ¿ por qué tanta devastación?
¿Qué hicimos para causar tanta destrucción ambiental? 

Necesitamos despertar a la responsabilidad de nuestros actos.
Debemos escuchar a la Madre Naturaleza que nos pide protegerla,  volver al Génesis

Ojos sin rostro
De repente salté de un sueño misterioso persistente que parecía acecharme y no me dejaba gritar.
En el tiempo, un ojo errante escaneaba el vasto espacio con mirada fija, agotada, entristecida-
fui testigo de cómo el mundo llegó a ser- cómo fue creado por la invisible mano  del Todo Poderoso. 
Producto del amo , dio vida a lo que ÉL quiso que fuera magnífico, impresionante y libre . 
Ese fue génesis de todo... ¡Mirad! Cómo el terror en este otrora paraíso, reina--
una a otra,  la gente inflige dolor incesante.
Estos ojos sin rostro, ojos desnudos comenzaron a llorar
ante las malas acciones de la humanidad.
De repente sentí un gran dolor en  lo profundo de mi interior. 
¿Qué puedo yo  sola hacer  en medio de tanta miseria?
Llorando me pregunté ¿He hecho bien a mis semejantes?
 ¿He alimentado a los hambrientos, ofrecido refugio a las personas sin hogar?
¿He escuchado a un ser cansado y perdido?
¿He sido amigo de alguien solo entre las multitudes?
¡Misericordia!  para mí y para mis hermanos desbordando este corazón mío. 

Una luz radiante encegueció estos ojos sin rostro
mientras un ángel descendía de celeste pedestal celestial y me condujo
a un lugar con paredes blancas, inmaculadas y una bola de cristal brillante en el centro del santuario.
Me pidieron que mirara a lo que fue la Tierra ---
Cuan hermoso era todo  lo que vi... infinitas zonas verdes, cielos azules,  y todo en armonía,
sin sequías ni inundaciones mortales
ni vidas inocentes ahogadas... sin bombardeos, sin lucha de poder ....
No solo un refugio, un refugio, sino el regalo de Dios para la humanidad.

¡Oh! El hombre, adquirió conocimientos y habilidades avanzadas.
¡Se volvió egocéntrico, grosero y descontento!

Deseos de Paz


Yo sueño con un mundo donde solo prevalezca  el amor 
donde la  paz sea compartida por todos
a pesar de la diversidad que los separe. 
Anhelo vivir en un mundo donde todos se consideren amigos 
donde la palabra odio sea  olvidada
un mundo en armonía pura
donde cada individuo defienda la paz
donde las aves pueden volar libremente y los criaturas salvajes
puedanh vagar sobre la faz de la tierra
donde nadie tenga  miedo a ser perseguido sin causa alguna ..
donde nadie  sea ridiculizado o discriminado por el color de su piel-
un mundo sin  guerras que dividan y destruyan las naciones,
un mundo donde las  jóvenes generaciones tener: ¡Un mundo envuelto en pura paz y serenidad!. 

Eee Elizabeth Esguerra Castillo is a Professional Feature Writer/Creative Writer/Journalist/Travel Writer/Published International Poet and Author/ Editor/Proofreader/Speaker. She was born on August 19, 1973 in Manila, Philippines.


Elizabeth is a multi-awarded and widely-published contemporary writer/poet/artist and the author of "Seasons of Emotions" (UK), published last 2013 and "Inner Reflections of the Muse" (USA), published in 2014. Her international recognitions include 2nd Place for "Poet of the Year, 2013" in an international poetry contest of Destiny to Write Publications in the UK with her first international poetry book, "Seasons of Emotions" garnering 2nd Place for "Book of the Year, 2013". Winning Strategies Magazine, USA also awarded her as the "Over-all Winner in the Winning Strategies International Winners Award" for her positive influence in her community and around the world last 2013. She also has been awarded as an "Inspirational Poet" at the PENTASI B World Friendship Poetry Celebration and Historical Forum held at the National Museum of the Philippines last 2013 and awarded as a "Faith-Centered Poet" in Destiny Poet, UK (International Community of Poets) for her Highly Commended Poems.

Elizabeth's first break in writing was when she became a News Correspondent for a local community newspaper in Antipolo City, "Antipolo STAR" last 2005 and later on became a Feature Writer for the former Meralco Management Leadership Development Center's (MMLDC) now, First Pacific Leadership Academy (FLPA) corporate magazine, "Highlights."

Her articles and poems have appeared in international online magazines and literary magazines. She has co-authored more than 70 international poetry anthologies in the USA, UK, Canada, Romania, Africa and India. This includes "Live Life: A Daydreamer's Journal", a world record holder for the most number of artists contributing to an anthology, a global charity anthology for the benefit of the American Cancer Society released 2012. Elizabeth's works were featured in the book along side with other award-winning authors. She is also a contributor to the World Poetry Yearbook of The International Poetry Translation and Research Center, with copies of the book presented to the UN Library, UNESCO, Nobel Prize Committee. Elizabeth also writes short fiction with some of her works already featured in international anthologies and international literary magazines and is currently working on a novel for her third book. She also writes book reviews for her fellow authors and has also several book recommendations from poetry books to novels.

The international anthologies she was involved in mostly centered on global peace and world environment advocacy as well as themes related to issues involving women and children and cancer awareness.

She is one of the Contributing Authors to Prof. Ada Aharoni's two international peace anthologies: "Anti-War: IFLAC Anthology" and "Anti-War and Peace: IFLAC Anthology".  The two epic books are projects of the International Forum on the Literature and Culture of Peace promoting peace and harmony among nations.

Elizabeth's short fiction, "Ambush Conversation with God", inspired by Neale Donald Walsch's "Conversations with God" was first published in her second book, "Inner Reflections of the Muse" and the international charitable anthology, "Angels Cried" and was later published in "In God's Image", Journal of Asian Women's Resource Center for Culture and Theology and the first journal in Asia in its December 2017 Issue.

In 2016, her compositions, "The Phantom's Shadow" and "The Bohemian" were featured in "Prosopisia", An International Journal of Poetry and Creative Writing, a joint venture of A.R.A.W.L.ii (Academy of raite*s and The World Literati) Volume IX.

Two of Elizabeth's compositions were also published in the Eastern World Newspaper based in Uzbekistan last 2016.

"Kiew: An Anthology of Tree Poems", an international anthology also featured Elizabeth's composition, "Take Me Back to Genesis" in 2017. The book was for the Asia-Pacific Eco-Poetree Festival in cooperation with the Pangasinan Historical and Cultural Commission, International Visitor Leadership Program, and Women in Development Program and featured works of international poets and writers across the globe.

Her writing influences include Rumi, Paolo Coelho, James Joyce, Emily Dickinson, among others. Elizabeth attributes her writing style with that of James Joyce's "stream of consciousness", with the characters in her poetry and stories moving her constant readers. Elizabeth will also be one of those featured in an upcoming international book, "Infinite Conversations: A Series of Interviews with Contemporary Women Writers" to be published by Authors Press, India, a special compilation of interviews with contemporary female writers across the globe. Some of her poems were already translated in different languages: Portuguese, Polish, Arabic, Greek, Turkish, Tamil, Japanese, and Korean. Elizabeth also became one of the members of jury in the international essay competition, "Write for the Earth- Write with the Earth" in observance of World Earth Day last April 2016 and World Environment Day June 2016, organized by Compassion Activism Charity based in Belgium and also one of the judges of the GHANA Writers Awards 2017.

Her favorite authors also include Stephen King, Mitch Albom, John Grisham, Jodie Picult, and Anne Rice. e.e cummings, Pablo Neruda, Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Oscar Wilde, Walt Whitman among others are Elizabeth's favorite poets.

She was appointed as Cultural Ambassador to the Philippines for Inner Child Press International to help in the promotion of cultural diversity through literature and the arts. Elizabeth's works were also featured in ASEI Arts' First Annual Visionary Eco-Fiction, "Anthology House" for the benefit of the hurricane relief operations of Habitat for Humanity especially the Hammers Back Initiative. The international charitable anthology was participated in by writers coming from 5 continents across the globe.

This 2018, Elizabeth has been nominated for the prestigious "Award Cultural Festival International Tra Le Parole e l'Infinito 19th Edizione Premio Internationale de Narativa" for her short fiction, "Life on a Contract." The award-giving body is based in Italy and nominees/participants come from different countries with their works in Italian and English language.

Elizabeth is a member of the American Authors Association (AAA), Asia Pacific Writers & Translators (APWT), PEN International, World Association of Authors and Researchers (WAOAR). She is also a Contributing Editor/Columnist in Inner Child Magazine, USA: "All About the Love", and an Advisory Board Member of Reflection Magazine, an international literary magazine.